Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Looking through the prism of conditioning , evangelized in our own ways;
Draping shrouds of ego , caught up like puppets ,oblivious to the bigger plays.

Whose to remind us of our bloody history everyday ;
Shadowed by ghosts of the past , we bred more demons than we can slay .

Look into the mirror , look into your eyes ;
Look at the boat man waiting on your ride.

The distrust for egalitarianism in these wicked hours ;
Pull on the reigns of sanity before it is too late to fill those scars.

For we are creatures of resolute and resolve ;
Our place in history shan't be diluted and dissolved.

We are children of men , forever marching on the paths of freedom and desire;
We are pioneers of ingenuity ,fighting fire with fire.

It's time we break down the intricacies from with ourselves;
Be more than just products to consume kept on the shelves.

Dig deep to look for the inconsistency in our hearts;
Take off the blindfolds, no more shall we deny the instincts ingrained in us from the start.

Maybe we are cursed and blessed at the same time;
We are mortal creatures of flesh and bone , riding a giant rock , suspended in space and time .

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