Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Looking through the prism of conditioning , evangelized in our own ways;
Draping shrouds of ego , caught up like puppets ,oblivious to the bigger plays.

Whose to remind us of our bloody history everyday ;
Shadowed by ghosts of the past , we bred more demons than we can slay .

Look into the mirror , look into your eyes ;
Look at the boat man waiting on your ride.

The distrust for egalitarianism in these wicked hours ;
Pull on the reigns of sanity before it is too late to fill those scars.

For we are creatures of resolute and resolve ;
Our place in history shan't be diluted and dissolved.

We are children of men , forever marching on the paths of freedom and desire;
We are pioneers of ingenuity ,fighting fire with fire.

It's time we break down the intricacies from with ourselves;
Be more than just products to consume kept on the shelves.

Dig deep to look for the inconsistency in our hearts;
Take off the blindfolds, no more shall we deny the instincts ingrained in us from the start.

Maybe we are cursed and blessed at the same time;
We are mortal creatures of flesh and bone , riding a giant rock , suspended in space and time .

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Engulfed and enflamed by these distorted schemes;

Just another product made to consume , in the mirror is what is scene.

These concoctions of super egos and habitual facades;
Walking on stretch ropes , blindfolded , letting down the guards .

These spiral stairways that seem to go on for ever ;
Illuminated with darkness of dead aspirations and endeavours .

Microscopic blips on the radar of certitude ;
Looking for freedom in this concussion of mediocrity and hate that is being brewed .

Surrounded by radiant emotions of both love and spite ;
Steadily engorged by the hellfire bustling on the inside.

These peculiar feelings and ecstatic hopes;
Broken hearts that try to explore and implore.

The psyche of a enigmatic gentleman and fiend;
Tread slowly on the paths and ways on which I irrationally lean.

Sparce are the spaces I eventually want to coagulate to in due time;
Superimposed are these stances on designs of rhythm that incoherently define.

The feverity and disregard for this mortal being ;

In search of the promised land , yearning for freedom from the demons that are yet to come clean.

Friday, August 10, 2018

The Judgement Day

These bullets flying in the air;
Making our doubts concrete that we dont care.

The bloodshed and the killing;
Is all because we are willing.

To be a part;
Of this demonic institution that already has a headstart.

Our hope is bleak;
Our want for peace is weak.

How can we stand next to each other;
When blood is of what we reek.

To afraid to trust;
Not understanding what we must.

All we know is how to hurt;
Make lives miserable and full of discomfort.

The people leading need to be lead;
'cause long before their hearts have gone cold & their hands red.

Nobody knows what to do;
Nobody has the slightest of clue.

That devastation is what we are headed for;
And this time we dont have an if an or.

‘Cuz for long we have been cheating this day
The day i would want to call -

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Commence or Collapse

Floating with uncertainty on these clouds of delusion;
Staring into the barrel I still might just believe in altruism.

Being that orange umbrella amongst those million blacks;
Looking at the night sky , like it's supposed to say something back.

Maybe hope isn't as beautiful as it is painted out;
Picture an entire village waiting for the end of a drought.

Maybe love isn't as intriguing as it seems;
Adulation , lust and some nostalgia, is that all that it means ?

Let the trumpets play and the drums beat;
For congratulations are in order , they succeeded in stuffing my heart with ice & concrete.

Whose to say what it is to be unique & known;
Look out the window there are a 1000 yous waiting to be cloned.

Hope like hell & hang on to those precious things that are truly yours;
Wear blinkers of tenacity , we do not need that psuedo round of applause.

The one ?

Romanticising the tragedy of Cupids intention are for philosophers and the delusional kinds;
For a man who has witnessed the rectitudes of the evil emotion , is not as oblivious and blind.

Chained with intricacy of hatred and adoration ,blended and intertwined;
Ever had a 1000 words on your mind ?

But none of them could ever come close to define;
How you forever took away the only one I thought was mine.

A lover , a friend , a physical need , an emotional vulnerability maybe she was;
Or maybe she was the one , credulous with her flaws.

Her smile was the sun , her hair was the wind;
Her touch on my scars was softer than lint.

Her eyes were deeper than any valley I ever hoped to cross;
How that look could squeeze out tranquility from turmoil & chaos.

Huge gulps of whisky and empty packets of smoke;
You were just so much more thsn that,  about you whenever i spoke.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Negativity Is Necessary

what would we ever do without war;
how would we come to know the difference between in and or.

how would we ever come to know the value of life;
unless someone hasn't paid the price.

what would we ever do without negativity;
how would we then learn what is shame & pity.

what if there was no pain;
how would we learn to appreciate the little things that we gain.

what if we were never put down;
how would we learn to swim if no one would ever let us drown.

what if no one ever said no;
how would we learn to be fast if it wasnt for slow.

what if no one was ever fake;
how would we learn to have what is ours to take.

what if you never went sad;
how would you realise , it was special what u had !!

Let me be me

let me be in doubt;
let me laugh,cry and shout.

let me fly away;
let me hang on to the last ray.

let me face my fears;
let me understand the importance of tears.

let me know how it feels to fall;
let me know how it feels to stand again and walk tall.

let me off these chains;
for once dont think about the losses &  gains.

let me understand what is pain;
let me be embarrassed and ashamed.

let me feel the breeze on my face;
let me feel the suns daze.

let me know how it feels to loose;
let me be the who figures out the clues.

let me feel how its like to kiss;
let me understand wht they mean by "pure bliss".

let me sleep so i can dream;
let me realize for what i have been destined.

let my imagination run wild;
let me once again feel what it felt to have the subtleness of a child.

let me go beyond what i see;
let me discover the real me.

let me understand the pain of being far;
let me understand it takes time to heal the scars.

let me be
let me be..

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