Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The one ?

Romanticising the tragedy of Cupids intention are for philosophers and the delusional kinds;
For a man who has witnessed the rectitudes of the evil emotion , is not as oblivious and blind.

Chained with intricacy of hatred and adoration ,blended and intertwined;
Ever had a 1000 words on your mind ?

But none of them could ever come close to define;
How you forever took away the only one I thought was mine.

A lover , a friend , a physical need , an emotional vulnerability maybe she was;
Or maybe she was the one , credulous with her flaws.

Her smile was the sun , her hair was the wind;
Her touch on my scars was softer than lint.

Her eyes were deeper than any valley I ever hoped to cross;
How that look could squeeze out tranquility from turmoil & chaos.

Huge gulps of whisky and empty packets of smoke;
You were just so much more thsn that,  about you whenever i spoke.

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