Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Commence or Collapse

Floating with uncertainty on these clouds of delusion;
Staring into the barrel I still might just believe in altruism.

Being that orange umbrella amongst those million blacks;
Looking at the night sky , like it's supposed to say something back.

Maybe hope isn't as beautiful as it is painted out;
Picture an entire village waiting for the end of a drought.

Maybe love isn't as intriguing as it seems;
Adulation , lust and some nostalgia, is that all that it means ?

Let the trumpets play and the drums beat;
For congratulations are in order , they succeeded in stuffing my heart with ice & concrete.

Whose to say what it is to be unique & known;
Look out the window there are a 1000 yous waiting to be cloned.

Hope like hell & hang on to those precious things that are truly yours;
Wear blinkers of tenacity , we do not need that psuedo round of applause.

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