Monday, August 6, 2018

Let me be me

let me be in doubt;
let me laugh,cry and shout.

let me fly away;
let me hang on to the last ray.

let me face my fears;
let me understand the importance of tears.

let me know how it feels to fall;
let me know how it feels to stand again and walk tall.

let me off these chains;
for once dont think about the losses &  gains.

let me understand what is pain;
let me be embarrassed and ashamed.

let me feel the breeze on my face;
let me feel the suns daze.

let me know how it feels to loose;
let me be the who figures out the clues.

let me feel how its like to kiss;
let me understand wht they mean by "pure bliss".

let me sleep so i can dream;
let me realize for what i have been destined.

let my imagination run wild;
let me once again feel what it felt to have the subtleness of a child.

let me go beyond what i see;
let me discover the real me.

let me understand the pain of being far;
let me understand it takes time to heal the scars.

let me be
let me be..

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