Monday, August 6, 2018

Nostalgia is a bitch

Alone and stranded but not left behind;
a cold wind seems to be surging through my despicable mind.

my mortal instincts push me back to the memories that get me weak;
to the times when you were the only thing that kept me from turning bleak.

but times change and so did you;
And also did the promises that we thought could never go untrue.

These words that let go the steam of my redundant heart;
the heart that wont understand its time to part.

walking down that empty path;
looking at our past make promises of till death do we part.

walking ahead i see that demolished balcony and those dead trees;
its like all the cliches when just the other day i was happily on my knees.

how can the past be so beautiful,d present so sad,the future so bleak
darling...i ask for both of us...where is the air that we once would kill to breathe.....

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