Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Engulfed and enflamed by these distorted schemes;

Just another product made to consume , in the mirror is what is scene.

These concoctions of super egos and habitual facades;
Walking on stretch ropes , blindfolded , letting down the guards .

These spiral stairways that seem to go on for ever ;
Illuminated with darkness of dead aspirations and endeavours .

Microscopic blips on the radar of certitude ;
Looking for freedom in this concussion of mediocrity and hate that is being brewed .

Surrounded by radiant emotions of both love and spite ;
Steadily engorged by the hellfire bustling on the inside.

These peculiar feelings and ecstatic hopes;
Broken hearts that try to explore and implore.

The psyche of a enigmatic gentleman and fiend;
Tread slowly on the paths and ways on which I irrationally lean.

Sparce are the spaces I eventually want to coagulate to in due time;
Superimposed are these stances on designs of rhythm that incoherently define.

The feverity and disregard for this mortal being ;

In search of the promised land , yearning for freedom from the demons that are yet to come clean.

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