Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Engulfed and enflamed by these distorted schemes;

Just another product made to consume , in the mirror is what is scene.

These concoctions of super egos and habitual facades;
Walking on stretch ropes , blindfolded , letting down the guards .

These spiral stairways that seem to go on for ever ;
Illuminated with darkness of dead aspirations and endeavours .

Microscopic blips on the radar of certitude ;
Looking for freedom in this concussion of mediocrity and hate that is being brewed .

Surrounded by radiant emotions of both love and spite ;
Steadily engorged by the hellfire bustling on the inside.

These peculiar feelings and ecstatic hopes;
Broken hearts that try to explore and implore.

The psyche of a enigmatic gentleman and fiend;
Tread slowly on the paths and ways on which I irrationally lean.

Sparce are the spaces I eventually want to coagulate to in due time;
Superimposed are these stances on designs of rhythm that incoherently define.

The feverity and disregard for this mortal being ;

In search of the promised land , yearning for freedom from the demons that are yet to come clean.

Friday, August 10, 2018

The Judgement Day

These bullets flying in the air;
Making our doubts concrete that we dont care.

The bloodshed and the killing;
Is all because we are willing.

To be a part;
Of this demonic institution that already has a headstart.

Our hope is bleak;
Our want for peace is weak.

How can we stand next to each other;
When blood is of what we reek.

To afraid to trust;
Not understanding what we must.

All we know is how to hurt;
Make lives miserable and full of discomfort.

The people leading need to be lead;
'cause long before their hearts have gone cold & their hands red.

Nobody knows what to do;
Nobody has the slightest of clue.

That devastation is what we are headed for;
And this time we dont have an if an or.

‘Cuz for long we have been cheating this day
The day i would want to call -

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Commence or Collapse

Floating with uncertainty on these clouds of delusion;
Staring into the barrel I still might just believe in altruism.

Being that orange umbrella amongst those million blacks;
Looking at the night sky , like it's supposed to say something back.

Maybe hope isn't as beautiful as it is painted out;
Picture an entire village waiting for the end of a drought.

Maybe love isn't as intriguing as it seems;
Adulation , lust and some nostalgia, is that all that it means ?

Let the trumpets play and the drums beat;
For congratulations are in order , they succeeded in stuffing my heart with ice & concrete.

Whose to say what it is to be unique & known;
Look out the window there are a 1000 yous waiting to be cloned.

Hope like hell & hang on to those precious things that are truly yours;
Wear blinkers of tenacity , we do not need that psuedo round of applause.

The one ?

Romanticising the tragedy of Cupids intention are for philosophers and the delusional kinds;
For a man who has witnessed the rectitudes of the evil emotion , is not as oblivious and blind.

Chained with intricacy of hatred and adoration ,blended and intertwined;
Ever had a 1000 words on your mind ?

But none of them could ever come close to define;
How you forever took away the only one I thought was mine.

A lover , a friend , a physical need , an emotional vulnerability maybe she was;
Or maybe she was the one , credulous with her flaws.

Her smile was the sun , her hair was the wind;
Her touch on my scars was softer than lint.

Her eyes were deeper than any valley I ever hoped to cross;
How that look could squeeze out tranquility from turmoil & chaos.

Huge gulps of whisky and empty packets of smoke;
You were just so much more thsn that,  about you whenever i spoke.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Negativity Is Necessary

what would we ever do without war;
how would we come to know the difference between in and or.

how would we ever come to know the value of life;
unless someone hasn't paid the price.

what would we ever do without negativity;
how would we then learn what is shame & pity.

what if there was no pain;
how would we learn to appreciate the little things that we gain.

what if we were never put down;
how would we learn to swim if no one would ever let us drown.

what if no one ever said no;
how would we learn to be fast if it wasnt for slow.

what if no one was ever fake;
how would we learn to have what is ours to take.

what if you never went sad;
how would you realise , it was special what u had !!

Let me be me

let me be in doubt;
let me laugh,cry and shout.

let me fly away;
let me hang on to the last ray.

let me face my fears;
let me understand the importance of tears.

let me know how it feels to fall;
let me know how it feels to stand again and walk tall.

let me off these chains;
for once dont think about the losses &  gains.

let me understand what is pain;
let me be embarrassed and ashamed.

let me feel the breeze on my face;
let me feel the suns daze.

let me know how it feels to loose;
let me be the who figures out the clues.

let me feel how its like to kiss;
let me understand wht they mean by "pure bliss".

let me sleep so i can dream;
let me realize for what i have been destined.

let my imagination run wild;
let me once again feel what it felt to have the subtleness of a child.

let me go beyond what i see;
let me discover the real me.

let me understand the pain of being far;
let me understand it takes time to heal the scars.

let me be
let me be..

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The Prayer

Sometimes i wish it would have been better if the world was how the man up the ladder meant it to be;
And not how our corrupted minds intended it to be.

I wish the ancestors hadn't plucked that godforsaken fruit;
And brought onto us this storm of misery and feud.

Who knew the bite of wisdom would come at such a price;
We ourselves destroyed our future to the words of the vice.

But we cannot ever blame;
'Cause its human nature not to be tamed.

God's words didnt matter then, nor do they matter today;
We need angel to make us believe it is true what they say.

The unquestionable(?) power of god coudnt hold back the will of man;
But then why didnt our so called faith stop us, is what i dont understand.

You were supposed to be omnipresent & guide us dear lord;
You say we failed you,but i say u failed us ‘cus you struck the wrong chord.

I do no mean to offend the great one;
Just ask u a simple question-"what have we ever done ?"

To deserve this pain & plight;
To endure the dilemma between wrong & right.

If words like life, destiny, fate are the answers to my question;
Then i think i'm answerable to none, i dont need to make any confessions.

In the times of despair & hate;
The books say, the almighty dosent leave his creation to fate.

Then let me see it, let me see the light;
Let your arms be wide & accept us despite.

Standing on the edge ready to fall,
Its time you in debt us again & honor the call !

Praying, Hands, Religion, Christianity, Prayer, Faith

The Falling Skies

Searching for the place that cant found;
The darkness of this knows no bounds.

Gaping at the cloudless sky;
Resigning my human nature,to defy.

These odds just seem too big;
These odds that make go back to my cigg.

Walking destructed & desolate under this falling sky;
Understanding what the universe is trying to imply.

Demolishing the very roots of positiveness;
The smoke seems to be a friend to whom i can confess.

Confess about all those days;
Confess about when i let myself astray.

Confess about the lies;
The lies that i told my self to cheat these falling skies.

Hoping to come out alive;
Hoping i could go back to just being naive.

But second chances are hard to get and harder to deserve;
Negativity, devils favourite demon isnt that easy to curb.

These battles that only i fight;
These enemies that hide in plain sight.

The world that looks back with hate and spite;
Can i somehow undo the wrong seeming right ...?

Hiding in the shadow of these heavy words;
Its only a matter of time before the rays of reality make the shade disperse......

Nostalgia is a bitch

Alone and stranded but not left behind;
a cold wind seems to be surging through my despicable mind.

my mortal instincts push me back to the memories that get me weak;
to the times when you were the only thing that kept me from turning bleak.

but times change and so did you;
And also did the promises that we thought could never go untrue.

These words that let go the steam of my redundant heart;
the heart that wont understand its time to part.

walking down that empty path;
looking at our past make promises of till death do we part.

walking ahead i see that demolished balcony and those dead trees;
its like all the cliches when just the other day i was happily on my knees.

how can the past be so beautiful,d present so sad,the future so bleak
darling...i ask for both of us...where is the air that we once would kill to breathe.....

The bitter side

The meaning of life yet undecipherable and unknown
All around people thinking with their corrupt minds and hearts of stone
The blood on their hands due to their viscous ways of life
Brothers facing brothers holding their bloodstained knives
The money,wealth and greed
This damned felling of always wanting to lead
God might have been known to work in mysterious ways
But i ask us, who among us can look ourselves in the mirror and say "we haven't lost ourselves in this mindFUCKED haze"
They say the end of days are nearer than we think
our arks is at its weakest,starting to sink
The fists always clenched
In hate we are drenched
The eyes of the oppressed have so much to say
This bitter rhyme may not make much of a difference i suppose
But it might just close down these voids that we choose to avoid n dispose


My eyes set on the over head fan that moves humming a tune
the light from the afternoon sun scattered all over the room
the haunting tick of the clock
the ever staying smell of the cigarettes that are no more in stock
the lifelessness in the atmosphere slowly breathes life into the dormant memories of the past
gets me to think somethings are just too good to last
the daylight fades behind those comforting clouds
so do those feelings that make me wanna burst my lungs and shout
suddenly the monotony in the air disappears
suddenly i am not afraid to face these mortal fears
i get up from bed
like superman is just back from the dead
the regret in my walk
the nostalgia in my talk
replaced by triumph and pride
i got this angel on my shoulder to put out this hellfire growing on the inside
time to ditch the sadness lurking within
time to transform things,time to reverse the spin
so shoot me down in cold blood if you like
but hand me a shot of tequila for all the things i did not do right
its finally time i let these shadows out of the dark

its finally time i let go of those names we etched together on that bark

In the City of Gods and Demons

In the rhythm of rain drops, lightning and these unaccustomed quakes,
in the abyss of rationality and senility my unknown voyages fade.
Reconciling with the very facts I once denied,
that face, those eyes , that voice still rises from the nostalgic ashes that I once swore to hide.
The sky roaring at the blasphemy of these soaring hills,
flamboyant bolts of light fall from the skies tabooed with flavours of righteous kills.
These flabbergasted eyes set on the violent flashes in the air,
the sun obliquely slips out and gives them the thousand-yard-soul-piercing stare.
The darkness retreats,
the seven colours are at the door raring to speak.
The birds chirp in their clich├ęd beats
Those flashes and memories are ushered back with their heads hung low, their cruel intentions still incomplete…


In this bizarre universe of chaotic paths and incoherent ways,
looking so close to the end of days.
Grinding and hustling for those pockets to be deep,
wearing blinkers of ignorance letting it go before you  are ready to reap.
This madness is scintillating in its own,
pushing us steadily to anarchy and the unknown.
To exist yonder this illicit times of blue,
we must be perfect , walk in the other persons shoes.
Perfect in our own way and perfect beyond the arms of the clock,
unscathed by sticks and stones , for we cannot let our legacy blot.
Walk in fearless, in the face of colossal storms,
bash on regardless like Custor at bighorn.
Battered and bruised we shall walk out more resolute than ever before,
we are a society of warriors and priests , that is the only choice that matters the most.
Is this just another dart in the dark,
or are we trying to look at the world in black and white when actually it  is colourful and stark?
Embrace your reality and back it up with all your heart,
like they say , don’t think too much , it was all planned from the start.


Chariots of metal and smoke whizz past like bullets in that godforsaken time
It takes me to a place back in the day , where ideologies were at war and people divided by delusional and intangible  lines
The familiar warm air once again fills my lungs
Time seems to coagulate , my finger tips feel numb
The fear slowly creeps up my spine
A fear much larger than my mortal confines
Death does not scare my kinds
I am a soldier , born to be in the suck ,I survive in the grind
For I will never forget the terror I comprehended on that battleground
the toil of battle and war changes a man , it’s not as romantic as it sounds
Their explosions drown out the screams of my brothers in arms
I stare at the bloody bodies , questioning my reality in the middle of that  farm

Vices and Virtues

In this world of vices and virtues,
Institutionalised from birth, taught to follow and not to choose.
Intertwined with the history of our sins and good deeds ,
We are products meant to crumble and bleed.
For the rectitude of man could never define, the subtleness of our desires and needs
But our weaknesses and imperfections  gave us hope and strengthened our creed.
So to those perfectionists and saints ,
To those without sins and shames.
To those who can never be blamed,
We need our vices as much as are virtues,
Because your virtues are a map and your vices are the clues.

Live Strong

The blue sky breathes heavy above my face,
the orange heart beating with its dying rays.
Path of the righteous was never serene,
in times of desperation, on that pillar of will shall I lean,
Pushed by exhaustion, fueled by hate,
in small moments of giving up is where lies my faith.
With every footprint that I leave behind,
louder gets the symphony amidst my footsteps and my  anesthetized mind.
With every  pearl that trickles down,
the beast gets stronger raring to own that crown.
That point of cliched exhaustion where you are just too strong to give up,
thy will carries thy body like gods own crutch.
This constant race against my own shadow shall be patient and long,
live to live another day , that is what I call live strong.

Left to our own device

The impulsiveness of these people surrounds me on this crowded street,
united by the will to race and divided by colour and creed.
The constant cluttering along with this balmy air,
those little children run joyfully with feet that are black and bare.
The night is crawling on and the sun is down,
and so are these unknown faces looking for something to disassemble their frown.
The shimmering stars still flirting with the young night,
the half arc moon fuelling the romance of all those lovers in its sight.
Even amongst this devouring chaos in our lives,
where the weak are crushed and the strong survive.
It isn’t always necessary to pick a side,
because we are a creation that work best when left to our own device.

Superhero Capes

Ricocheting on these boulevards of the right and wrongs
Making your hearts believe the latter is where you belong
Becoming superheroes , putting on these capes of vindictiveness and strengths
Trying to shield us from the messy reality we are supposed to make perfect by making amends
This messy reality under the big bright sun is where we comprehend each other the best
And not in our superhero capes flying in the dark , way above the rest
Perceive the  bright yellow star in the sky as the glow of hope
It shines impartially on everyone & everything without expecting anything , showering on us the courage to cope
It shall remain there , patiently waiting for us to yield our superhero capes
And wield  and wrap the forgotten humanitarian drapes
For we must learn and believe
Hope is what we need when the world bleeds

The Needs

The moon light enters through the pane n bounces off her gleaming face;
Her curves and the sheer white sheet softly embrace.

I close my eyes , wishing the dreams would takeover;
But my mind and thoughts 
aimlessly bump and hover.

What does a man want , what does he need;
Only a mad man couldn’t find peace surrounded by a beautiful woman , the moonlight and the evil deed.

So I walk out to the balcony and hastily light up a smoke;
These stars & moon my only witnesses to the thoughts my mind dared to provoke.

But then like a flash in the sky it suddenly hit me;
Tranquil shall elude me until I am able to see beyond what I see.

So i went to bed once again
To be only surrounded by love and beauty of the beautiful woman , the divine light that dares to shine 

through the darkest of nights and the perfect cusp of passion and exhaustion.

The still life

Black is just a darker shade of white
These cheap whiffs of air swiftly make me glide
To the acme of this sociopathic psyche
I feel everything , from the purity of a virgin to the explicitness of a dyke
Frozen ,  to the sane and clear
On this path only the dazed and confused shall steer
The tranquil of that unknown zeal
Climbing towards the exuberance , like king kong i feel
The blankness in the shadow seizes to exist
I see that white light shatter into a 1000 colors in my fist 
I just rise and rise to towards the anonymity of that purple sun
Its all make believe as she says…too difficult to understand , too far now , to get it undone…


The wings flutter across the horizon in the violet sky
The rhythm of the wind raring her to fly
The yellow star shines like a diamond behind her face
With the crazed look in her eye she is ready to set fire to this stage
She knows not how to stop or heed
The more her wounds bleed
Stronger becomes her immaculate creed
I wish i knew who she is/was
Maybe she is a symbol of calm and tranquillity in this lost cause
Or maybe a symbol of love and lust
A vicariously beautiful bitch if you must
Or maybe a symbol of anger and wrath
“Her eyes i still hope are hazel and stark”


Let the darkness corner you for a while
let selfish grins replace your humane smiles
let there be rains of fire straight frm satans mouth
let ur faith on the saviour hang in the balance of doubt
let the teachings off the wise and old for once fray
let the delusions rise and rise till the blasphemy stays
And then when the world is weak and low
all hope is gone and even light has lost its glow
we shall realise ,this is how it is meant to be
before a storm the silence of the sea
before the sun , blackness of the night
before the love , hatred and spite
because all of this is way bigger than me and you
but if i have learnt anything from these coagulation of time of the years…patience is a virtue


Looking at this world with bloodshot red eyes
I run from the viciousness underneath these lucid skies
To find a place that is buried deep inside my fortressed mind
A place that these “round the clock” machines will always decline
To move beyond this mortal reality and reprobate faith
I take the camouflage of this mist, putting my fidelity at stake
This fantasia that my alter egos and dreams yearn to create
This fantasia that slowly but zealously sedates
Sedates me from these livid emotions and expectations
Sedates me from these nostalgic scars and abrassions
Vanquishing the vanity in the valley of vagueness and sanity
Stab it in the heart , this disdainful reality
In the wake of my wanderlust and these mid day tokes
I shall still search for the promise land on which these delicate beliefs float

Wayward Reality

Looking in the mirror, i stare into my weary eyes
i hear myself breathing under these kaleidoscopic skies
the reprobate fool standing tall n proud
ponders on his fidelity that is in doubt
dubious to this mortal kind
dubious to the thiest’s mind
these waves of rust stare me dead in the face
breaking over n reinstating the lies in the holy one’s name
fighting through the human ambition and vanity
i crawl back to the shores of sanity
only to wake up to the invictus reality
the reality that seems to flicker in the dark of the night
but turns out to be a supernova when looked at with the eyes of hatred and spite
even with the unknown, known to our hearts
we fail to see it is this wayward reality that is shredding us apart


Slipping away into the void of these changes all around
Drowning in this sea of these dualities and its echoing sounds
Holding my breath i watch the colours of this sky change
From the brightest red to the turquoise that fades
This wayward wolf that gets weak with every passing day
Almost as if an athiest , turning on his own beliefs to pray
This self apolacalyptic battle that i fight
The dilemma that is bound to take its toll and eventually bite
Its like a cipher to this other hidden side
The key lies on the thin line of duality that hides in plain sight

Obstacles To Divinity

Born from the memoirs of angels and devils in a cusp
From the thin line between love and lust
From the ricochet of dawn and dusk
From the insensitivity of betrayal and the redundancy of trust
Because for a place in the sky among those stars
All emotions shall be experienced and surpassed
From the sermons of a padre to the cusses of a pirate
From the disappointment despite the hardwork to serendipitous fate
Because for the power over us mortal beings
All of life’s situations he must have seen
From the lavishness of a billionaire to the frugality of a common man
From the burden of being crumbled under pressure to having the courage of taking a stand
Because for playing us like puppets on this stage
The best and worst of times he must have faced
From the honesty of abe to the viciousness of lucifer’s snake
From the charisma of an optimistic drunk to the shallowness of pessimistic fool filled with hate
There is a reason why he is up there and not you and me
Maybe one day we will come to know what we exactly need to be..

The Sun,the Stars,the Change

Sitting by the window watching the night get stabbed by the faint morning rays
The dimly lit sky not letting me take off my gaze
The shimmering stars disappear amidst the cold wind and that orange light
Just like the blissful past , that is now fading away slowly and steadily in hindsight
My eyes set on a particular star that is refusing to die out
Almost as if its taunting the rays to go another bout
I pick out a cigarette from that almost empty pack
Lighting it up preparing my self to look back
But just as i exhale out that first puff of smoke
I look at that star almost on the verge of giving up its hope
And it finally does,becoming another prey of the brightness of the sun
My mind and heart is anything but stunned
If the stars are the past , the sun the change , it is still for us to choose to believe what is right
‘Cause the night will come all over again….
‘Cause the memories will come all over again…

‘Cause the stars will come all over again….
Asking u again are u still up for the fight…….


Indifferent to the pain and the pride
Unshook by the failures on my side
Walking tall with that gaze in my eyes
Overcoming the hatred and the times gone by
Rising up despite the taunts and nostalgic bounds
Smiling in the face of those hellhounds
Cause i fight back like a man refusing to go down
With all the strength in my soul
I put on my poker face forcing my demons to fold
The demons that cant be let astray
The demons that cant be put down with prayers of clay
‘Cause ”thou shant raise more demons than one can slay”
The vagrancy in all our hearts
Is stealthily tearing us apart
So grab that knife
And stab that vegabond demon in your mind
Stand on the edge and let yourself go
Freefall into the zenith of what you already know