Monday, August 6, 2018

Negativity Is Necessary

what would we ever do without war;
how would we come to know the difference between in and or.

how would we ever come to know the value of life;
unless someone hasn't paid the price.

what would we ever do without negativity;
how would we then learn what is shame & pity.

what if there was no pain;
how would we learn to appreciate the little things that we gain.

what if we were never put down;
how would we learn to swim if no one would ever let us drown.

what if no one ever said no;
how would we learn to be fast if it wasnt for slow.

what if no one was ever fake;
how would we learn to have what is ours to take.

what if you never went sad;
how would you realise , it was special what u had !!


  1. Duality is what keeps the world spinning: love and hate, joy and sorrow, new and old.. You name it. It is there everywhere.. It's the essence of this game called life..

  2. Optimism emerges from Pessimism.

  3. good going Abhi u do yr parents and us.
    & miles to go...

  4. Good insight Abhimanyu.

    The very beginning of creation gave rise to the law of duality — light and darkness, good and evil — the law of relativity necessary to divide the One into the many, according to Yogananda.

  5. You compositions are great, keep writing