Friday, August 10, 2018

The Judgement Day

These bullets flying in the air;
Making our doubts concrete that we dont care.

The bloodshed and the killing;
Is all because we are willing.

To be a part;
Of this demonic institution that already has a headstart.

Our hope is bleak;
Our want for peace is weak.

How can we stand next to each other;
When blood is of what we reek.

To afraid to trust;
Not understanding what we must.

All we know is how to hurt;
Make lives miserable and full of discomfort.

The people leading need to be lead;
'cause long before their hearts have gone cold & their hands red.

Nobody knows what to do;
Nobody has the slightest of clue.

That devastation is what we are headed for;
And this time we dont have an if an or.

‘Cuz for long we have been cheating this day
The day i would want to call -

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