Monday, August 6, 2018

Obstacles To Divinity

Born from the memoirs of angels and devils in a cusp
From the thin line between love and lust
From the ricochet of dawn and dusk
From the insensitivity of betrayal and the redundancy of trust
Because for a place in the sky among those stars
All emotions shall be experienced and surpassed
From the sermons of a padre to the cusses of a pirate
From the disappointment despite the hardwork to serendipitous fate
Because for the power over us mortal beings
All of life’s situations he must have seen
From the lavishness of a billionaire to the frugality of a common man
From the burden of being crumbled under pressure to having the courage of taking a stand
Because for playing us like puppets on this stage
The best and worst of times he must have faced
From the honesty of abe to the viciousness of lucifer’s snake
From the charisma of an optimistic drunk to the shallowness of pessimistic fool filled with hate
There is a reason why he is up there and not you and me
Maybe one day we will come to know what we exactly need to be..

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